Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So, Ria... What's The Difference Between Linear and Scattered Holographic Finishes?

Mr. Pawlish needs a new photo taken in his Naval uniform... but we found out there is basically no where in our house that has a blank wall for a background! it looks like we are going to have to move some bookshelves in our room... but then all the stuff on the shelves has to go somewhere for that time... it's a frustration. i hope we can get it figured out soon!

today's So, Ria post addresses a question that i had trouble figuring out myself when i first got into nail polish... what's the difference between a linear holographic polish and a scattered holographic polish? the answer is surprisingly simple! linear holographics actually form a prism effect, you can see an actual rainbow form on the nail. with scattered holographics, the particles are spread throughout the nail and flash different colors... but there is no uniformity to it! you can see it more easily in a photo, so here we go :)

this linear holographic polish is Layla Hologram Effect Jade Groove. notice how the the particles all work together to form a rainbow!

the scattered holographic polish i chose is yesterday's Orly Sparkling Garbage. it's a similar base (a bit darker!) to Jade Groove, but a completely different finish. in this one, the holographic particles flash colors with no rhyme or reason.

i hope this post helped clear up any confusion, i realized as i was writing yesterday's Sparkling Garbage post that not everyone may know what a scattered holo was! which is your favorite? i love them both, but i definitely would have to choose linears! Ria :)

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