Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Julep Marjorie

during today's riding lesson we worked on dressage... it's coming along! i still get frustrated because... well, it's frustrating! there are eleventybillion things to constantly be thinking about and feeling for, but at least we've made progress. that's all i can hope for :) Aramis was spooky and jumping/skittering sideways while we warmed up, but happily he got over himself and was super good for the lesson! love that horse so much.

today's polish is Julep Marjorie from my August 2013 It Girl box. it's pretty mandarin orange shot through with gold shimmers. it's pretty opaque and i was happy with the coverage at two coats, just watch during application because it can get a touch streaky. a coat of topcoat helps it dry and brings out the sparkle!

two coats Marjorie, one coat Seche Vite.

tomorrow i shall try again to make it to the grocery store... this week just hasn't gone as planned so far! can't believe it's Wednesday already. Ria :)

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