Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Julep Maven :: August 2013 It Girl Box

i was so happy to make it out to the barn and ride Aramis today! can't believe i hadn't seen him in a week. i'm definitely glad i went to LA, though... such a great experience. not only did i ride horses with my friends, i also went to the most amazing tack store and bought a show helmet and a cross country vest... a baby eventer is born :D

it's time again to share my Julep Maven box! this is the August 2013 It Girl box with no add-ons. there just wasn't anything super exciting this time. i do like the warm colors it came with... they are equally appropriate for late Summer and for Fall! Julep has decided to stop adding so many paper inserts, so it felt like there was very little in the box. i love that since it's their two year anniversary, the box was pink with white flowers... so cute!

here's a look in box... the extra treatie is Forget-Me-Not seeds... totally adorable.

here are the polishes :D

looking forward to trying these babies out... i really like all three of them! Ria :)


  1. Just put on Nellie and I love it.

    1. i think i'm going for Nellie tomorrow! :)


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