Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Julep Nadia

finally got a new helmet after compromising my old one with that hard fall on my head. i'm loving my new one because it's bright pink AND heavily vented so it's loads cooler on my head. just call me a hot head :D we jumped in the lesson today, no better way to break in a new helmet. working on learning to stay over my feet better... Aramis was really good today and didn't dump me when i ended up on his neck a few times after jumps! he's a such lovely boy when he wants to be :)

today's July 2013 Julep Maven It Girl polish is Nadia. it's a pearly pastel yellow shimmer that immediately made me think of daffodils... even daffodils are usually a bit more of a saturated, bright yellow than this polish is. use a careful hand when applying, this one wants to pool pigment more on the sides, leaving a sheer middle stripe. with care, you can get full opacity in two coats! topcoat brings out all the sparkles and helps dry the polish.

two coats Nadia, one coat Seche Vite.

i don't always like yellows on my skin tone, but this is a pretty one! can't believe it's halfway through the week already. Ria :)

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