Friday, July 5, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Crushed Candy

went to a local feed store to pick up a bag for Aramis... he needs a bit of a supplement now since i've been working him all the time :) i can only imagine what the poor sales people said about me when i left... i confess to being a complete city slicker! after i paid he said to meet him around back... and i just stared at him blankly and said... 'around back...?' turns out the feed is kept in the warehouse, which you actually can drive through... but i didn't realize that so i had to back up and turn around. by then the poor guy was just walking the bag out towards the car. i am a city girl, through and through! at least i know how to buy horse feed... now :D

today's polish is Maybelline Color Show Crushed Candy. it's a shimmery, saturated pink that has bit of blue shimmer and a bit of glass fleck. the formula is easy to work with, but a bit sheer. i used three coats, and you can still see a bit of VNL if you look closely! three coats offers enough coverage for me, though, and i'm pretty picky. don't be terrified by the first coat which makes it seem like you'll never achieve any sort of opacity! a coat of topcoat really helps to bring out all the shimmers and make the polish shine.

three coats Crushed Candy, one coat Poshe.

tomorrow is the fancy pants dressage show! i gave Aramis a complete beauty parlor today... he's so soft and shiny now, i love it. here's hoping the show goes well! Ria :)


  1. This is a really pretty color!

    1. i just which it was either more opaque or a jelly!


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