Thursday, July 11, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots... Clearly Spotted

printed out my entry form for my first 'real' event, a full-on 3-day event... how exciting is that?! it's a good feeling to have your life moving in exactly the direction you want it to :) now for the bad news... the person who was supposed to get my husband's orders for Tennessee together screwed up... so now the whole process has to start over again and who knows where we'll end up! i'm pretty frustrated because i have settled into the whole idea of moving to Tennessee. eesh. it'll work out, though... where ever we end up!

i've been itching to try out Clearly Spotted from the Maybelline Color Show Polka Dots, so i slapped it on today over my Julep Nadia mani from yesterday. it made for a cute bumble bee/speckled egg kind of look! Clearly Spotted is different sizes of black and white hex glitter in a clear base... and here's the surprise... it's matte! i love matte glitter, not the least because it's so much easier to photograph :) it's goes on fairly easily with just a little placing to cover up bare spots and it looks perfect with just one coat. i used a coat of topcoat to seal in the whole look!

one coat Clearly Spotted, one coat Poshe, all over my Julep Nadia mani.

i love how this polish looks over the slight shimmer in Nadia. have you guys picked up any of the Polka Dots? i'm thinking i'm just going to stick with this one... but you never know, i might get the rest in a weak moment! Ria :)

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