Sunday, July 7, 2013

New Maybelline Collections Spotted at Rite Aid!

i was pretty wiped after the Dressage show yesterday, that's why there was no post! i was also crabby because i got a sun rash... luckily, it seems to be going away. aloe with cooling stuff in it is a magical thing! the show went okay, i wasn't happy with how we did, but very happy with the experience. i've officially done a 'real' horse show :)

i was in search of Mane and Tail shampoo (to use on myself... it was so amazing on Aramis i need some for my hair!) that appears to be sold out everywhere, which is why i wandered into Rite Aid. again, they were sold out of the shampoo, but they did have some new Maybelline Color Show collections i hadn't heard of!

the collections are Polka Dots (which is sheer bases with black and white glitter) and Holographic. imagine how excited i was to see the word holographic! sadly, i researched the collections quickly on my phone, and it turns out that Holographics are actually just duochromes :( i hate a bait and switch!

here's the display...

i was majorly bummed by the 'Holographic' polishes, i have duochromes like these already. i decided against most of the Polka Dots because of their sheerness, but i did pick up Clearly Spotted, which is black and white different sized glitters in a clear base!

have you all picked up any of these polishes? what did you think? Ria :)


  1. Be sure to get the polka dots. They're really cool. the holos are eh.

    1. i'll take another look at the Polka Dots if i see them again!


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