Sunday, July 28, 2013

OPI Gelcolor Removal

cleaned my tack really well today, it was filthy! it never ceases to amaze me just how dirty all my horse stuff gets, even though i keep it well conditioned and oiled. i can't believe i haven't seen Aramis since last Saturday... looking forward to riding him tomorrow :D

i wasn't planning on making another post on OPI Gelcolor, but i was so blown away by trying to remove it that i just had to share my thoughts. i had thought it would take a minute or two of soaking in acetone to remove my OPI Russian Navy Gelcolor manicure, just like for glitter polish. WRONG. i spent around 45 minutes soaking my nails and trying to scrape it off with an orange stick cuticle pusher... and still not quite all of it came off. it does not ever get squishy like a normal polish, it stays pretty firm and simply curls up where it's ready to come off!

how strange does this look?!

i would have to say that removing this pretty much decided that i would not be getting these put on again. it doesn't help that my nails had been buffed so thin (because instead of a buffer, the tech used a file!) that i had to nubbinize them all. *sigh* luckily, my nails grow fairly fast.

i hope you've all had fantastic weekends! Ria :)


  1. If you decide to do a gel mani again, buff the top lightly (enough to get the shine off), then you can do the foil method for 10 minutes (roughly)

    1. thank you!! my attempt was just dreadful... taking off the topcoat with a buffer makes so much sense!

    2. Happy to help :). Buffing will break the seal allowing acetone to get in and dissolve the gel, making it easier (plus better for you) lol.

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