Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue

i did horsie errands today instead of riding. i needed a few things for feeding him his supplement... like a way to lock up my food bin. i decided to go with a chain and a padlock, which involved getting chain cut at the hardware store. Mama Pawlish went with me, and we had a long 'discussion' on how heavy duty the chain needed to be. basically, i refused to use the thin, wimpy chain :D she talked me out of the really heavy duty one... thank goodness, because that one wouldn't even have worked for what i needed. you really should just listen to your mom :)

today's polish is Sally Hansen complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue. it's a medium blue creme, not ground breaking but lovely all the same! the formula is nice, you can get away with one coat, but it looks much more rich at two. it dries glossy on its own, i just need topcoat to help dry polish!

two coats Thinking of Blue, one coat Poshe.

i also got a new watch today... i was thinking about getting a sport one anyway, and i when i looked at my usual watch today i realized i had beat it up so badly the crystal is about to fall out! i am extremely hard on jewelry, to say the least. i love that watch, so i definitely plan on getting the crystal replaced. in the meantime, i bought a cute pink Timex Ironman, because... why not? Ria :)

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