Monday, July 15, 2013

Sally Hansen Extra Strength Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover

i'm back after taking the weekend off! Saturday i just wasn't in the mood, and i went to a jumping clinic on Sunday... where i fell off and managed to land on my head again. falling off isn't that big of a deal, but i sure wish i'd stop using my head as a crash pad! this of course means i need another new helmet... glad i got five whole uses out of that one. *sigh* it looks like Tipperary has a replacement program, hopefully that will work out. more drama in the moving scene... there are no jobs left in Tennessee! as of this moment, it looks like we're heading to Maryland. i was majorly tripping, but after researching, there are wayyy more eventing opportunities there, so it's probably a great thing :)

today i'd like to share with you something a little different... still a beauty product, but definitely not for the nails! it's the Sally Hansen Extra Strength Spray-On Shower-Off Hair Remover. i've been trying it out on my legs, arm pits, and bikini area... and i'm pretty impressed. it claims to be a 3 minute formula... but i leave it on for the maximum 10 minutes as i didn't see much result in 3.

what attracted me to this product is that it's a spray-on foam... so you don't have to touch it. the problem is, it's a foam, so it tends to drip off in places. once you're ready to take it off, i recommend using something to scrape it off with, and that will help the hair come off! most of the hair is gone after use, but there will probably still be some strays and stubble left.

it does tingle/burn as it's working, so if you're sensitive this might not be for you. it also has loads of warnings about where not to use it, by the warning label it's not for the bikini area! so, that's a use at your own risk scenario :) it's under $10 and doesn't have the horrible smell depilatory creams used to have. final assessment... i like it, but i'm going to try other products... i'm hoping for something that doesn't drip off and takes off hair even better.

the packaging is pretty cute!

i always plan to add more beauty products to the blog, but nail polish is always distracting me! hope you found this post helpful! Ria :)

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