Monday, July 1, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Bubble Plum

i have put myself back on the smoothie diet... where i basically just eat lunch, a snack, and a smoothie for dinner. i have lost a lot of weight on it in the past, and i'm sure hoping to again. at any rate, i hope to lose some water weight for this weekend, when i'll be sporting some white riding breeches... there's nowhere to hide in those babies!

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Bubble Plum. i love this name as it's perfect for this polish... it's a bubblegummy pink with strong plummy purple undertones! like the others in this collection it's a creme that dries to a textured finish. this one is easy to work with, just shake the bottle a little before application and apply two coats for full opacity... with no topcoat!

two coats Bubble Plum.

i can't remember if i've mentioned this yet, but i got an awesome deal on eBay for a pair of boots to wear around the barn. i was hoping to have them by Friday... but shipping would have been $60! i would still have saved a lot, but i couldn't turn my awesome deal into a good deal by paying outrageous shipping charges. i'm super excited for them to get here, though! 

i hope you've all had fantastic Mondays! Ria :)


  1. Bubble Plum was one of my favorites from the Sugar Coat line. Still looking for the new ones though!

    Good luck with the smoothies!
    I have a digestive condition that forces me on liquid diet a lot. Smoothies are literally a lifeline for me. The combinations are endless!

    1. i'm completely in love with the whole collection!

      i'm so sorry about your digestive condition, that sounds terrible :( i hope they find a complete cure for you soon!!!


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