Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Cherry Drop

had a lesson today, then went to lunch with a friend and Mr. Pawlish... we ended up sitting at lunch for like three hours! i've always been notorious for chatting away in restaurants :) after multiple plans for something to do for the 4th of July... Mr. Pawlish and i have decided to just stay home and have chili dogs and potato salad! yummay.

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polish is Cherry Drop. it's a red creme that i just had to wear for the 4th! this dries to a textured finish that is slightly more shiny than others in this collection, which makes it look a little less texturey. i feel like you can still see a little nail line after two coats, but once it textures up it isn't noticeable. remember not to use a topcoat!

two coats Cherry Drop.

do any of you guys have plans for tomorrow? even if you're not in the US :D

i have a lesson in the morning, but i think the rest of the day will be spent at home... i wanted to go to a restaurant on the beach, but i doubt there will be any parking! Ria :)

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