Monday, August 19, 2013

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Latticed Lilac

the time is drawing near! we leave in the morning on Thursday for my first 3-day event :D i've got most of what i need, now it all just needs to be packed... i'm trying to force myself to get it done, and not leave it until like 15 minutes before i have to be out the door... like usual! i'm excited to use all my new show clothes and schtuff :)

today's polish is China Glaze Crackle Glaze Latticed Lilac. it's (as you probably guessed) a crackle finish polish that's a light purple foil. i used it over yesterday's Maybelline Color Show Twilight Rays manicure, i love the twinkling golden shimmers showing through the cracks! this polish doesn't crack as easily as i'd like, i barely got any cracks at all on my pointer finger. a fast dry topcoat helps pull it apart a little more, add it when it's had a little time to dry. topcoat is really a must to bring out the beauty of the polish, it's pretty dull on its own!

one coat Latticed Lilac, one coat Seche Vite, both over Maybelline Color Show Twilight Rays.

i hope you all had a really great start to your week! Ria :)

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