Friday, August 2, 2013

Julep Fiore

today i had my first lunge lesson, which basically means my trainer had Aramis on a long leash. he was a bit squirrely for a while, but eventually he decided to get with the program. i still have trouble keeping the correct leg position... i want to push my feet forward and turn my knees out! practice practice practice.

today's polish is Julep Fiore from my 2013 Maven It Girl box. it's a super dark taupe creme... Julep described it as chocolate, but it's much more greY/purple toned than what i would consider chocolate. it has a very opaque formula, you could easily leave it at one coat... but i do prefer two. it's lovely and glossy on its own, but it flat refuses to dry for me. because of that, topcoat is a must... at least with my skin chemistry!

two coats Fiore, one coat Seche Vite.

i just love colors like this, especially on nubs like mine! when you have short nails, dark polishes look best in my opinion. i'm waiting for mine to grow out a bit more so i can start reviewing the new batch of Sally Hansen Sugar Coats... can't wait!! Ria :)

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