Saturday, August 31, 2013

Julep Maven :: September 2013 It Girl Box

had a good riding lesson today, glad i went even though my allergies didn't appreciate it! since Monday is Labor Day, i will probably stay home with Mr. Pawlish... that'll give my allergies another two days to get it together! i always feel terrible when i go out in public coughing, i know that's just gross for everyone else who is around me.

it's time again to look in my Julep Maven box! this is the September 2013 It Girl box :) i did add on a polish this month, as it was a scattered holo duochrome... i mean really, who could say no?! plus, i still had enough points so that i didn't even have to pay for it... big win. one thing that really shocked me when i opened up the box this month is that all the polishes are in individual cardboard boxes... which looks really snappy, but the shock came in because just last month they stopped the insert cards that described your box to conserve paper. do what now? hmmmm.

here's a look inside... the little extra treatie this month is a polish removing wipe!

and here are the polishes! the top three are the It Girl colors, Reece is my add-on!

shockingly, even in the extra box, Josephine's lid came loose and some leaked out... my guess is it was never completely screwed on to begin with. luckily, it didn't all drain away! it figures that one i really like would be the leaker. *sigh*

all of these are a win for me, Catrina is nice and opaque even though yellow isn't a color i wear very often. reviews on these coming soon! Ria :)


  1. Got the exact same ones as you! I love opening Maven boxes!

    1. me too, even though i know what will be inside it's still like getting a present every month :D


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