Sunday, August 11, 2013

OPI Magnetic Haul... Check Your Local Trade Secret!

had lunch out with Mr. Pawlish today, then headed over to the mall to use some great coupons i got in the mail... free stuff from both Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works! i love free :) i also bought a couple polos, i needed a pink one for my first 3-day event... can't believe that's in less than two weeks! i guess polos aren't in style right now, because they are hard to find! i lucked out and found them at Macy's on sale... i got a solid pink one and a pink one with small white stripes because i couldn't choose... i'm leaning towards wearing the stripey one though, i think that will look fun under my black cross country vest!

i went into the salon Trade Secret to check out the OPI San Francisco collection (which is lovely!) and noticed a large clearance display! i recommend calling up your local Trade Secret and seeing if they're having the same sale... the clearance was an extra 50% off. i found the OPI James Bond Magnetic Lacquers, they retailed for $17.50 and i got them for less than $5 a piece... yep, i got all three for less than the original price of one :D i love deals like that! even though i'm not really into magnetics, they are pretty and these are beautiful polishes all on their own.

here's a look at the packaging...

each one comes with a polish and a magnet... each magnet has a different design!

the magnet is in a little plastic holder than in theory is great... you should just set your finger in the bottom and the magnet does the rest. however, i tested it out, and it's just not strong enough. you need to hold your nail right under the magnet to get the design.

i swatched these quickly on a nail wheel... the diamond wouldn't show up at all on Bond... James Bond, so i tried it on Morning Moneypenny... it showed up a little bit. the designs aren't matched up with the polishes they came with, Bond... James Bond and Morning Moneypenny are swapped! clearly, the Is That Silva? magnet works the best!

i plan on doing full reviews on these in the future! which one do you like the best? i can't resist the holographic particles in Silva and Moneypenny. let me know if you find great deals at your local Trade Secret! Ria :)

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