Wednesday, August 28, 2013

OPI Rosy Future

Aramis is still on light work for the rest of the week, he earned it! just trotted him around bareback today... admittedly a very little bit. i get lazy because my thighs start hurting... gotta suck it up! i think i'm going to stay home tomorrow... i've been fighting off an allergy attack since i left for the show last week and it appears to be winning. i'm throwing down Echinacea and hoping for the best... i don't have time to get sick! hopefully, staying away from all those allergens for a day will help.

today's polish is OPI Rosy Future... this is one of the first OPI polishes i ever bought! it's a super sheer pink with a blue reflex... it's lovely. it takes LOADS of coats to get it opaque on its own, i prefer it used for French tips. i started with two coats of Rosy Future, then added China Glaze White On White for the tips. i did one more coat of Rosy Future over everything, and sealed it off with a coat of Poshe topcoat.

i'm thinking of doing a post on French tips, methods of application and people's perceptions. anybody interested? i'm not the greatest at them, but i do love them! Ria :)

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