Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poshe Topcoat

woke up this morning with a full on allergy attack, so i stayed home... i'm feeling like the worst is over now. i think i'm still going to stay home tomorrow, hopefully i will be 100% (or as close as i get!) for my lesson on Saturday.

today i thought i'd talk about Poshe Topcoat! i always go back and forth between it and Seche Vite... but lately i've been leaning a bit more towards Poshe. Poshe doesn't cause nail polish to shrink back from the tips like Seche Vite... although it doesn't dry quite as shiny. it dries super fast and you can use it to help dry a manicure between coats... which is great for things like stamping!

the brush is not too dense and also fairly long, the medium density in the bristles really help with control!

you can find Poshe at many drugstores, Ulta, and Sally Beauty Supply! what is your topcoat of choice? Ria :)

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