Monday, September 30, 2013

Julep Maven :: October 2013 It Girl Box

it was pretty warm out at the barn today... Aramis is already growing in his winter coat, so he was really sweating! tomorrow will be a light day, i'm planning on just working on my posting without stirrups... he has a lesson with a younger girl in the evening :)

it's time again for my Julep Maven It Girl box... can't believe it's already October (or will be in a few hours!). i didn't add-on any polishes this time, so i have just the basic box to share with you all! it came with three shimmery polishes and a little bag of candy corn... i LOVE candy corn :D

here's a look at the box...

and here are the polishes!

i'm most looking forward to Ciara, a purple and teal duochrome! hope you've all had great Mondays! Ria :)

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tiny Little Haul... Orly and Konad

Mr. Pawlish came home from camping in the wee hours of Friday, then we spent the day together just hanging. Saturday was super busy, i had a jumping lesson in the morning, then we went to a gem show in Monterey, then headed up to Gilroy! Tractor Supply has an exclusive Breyer horse that i just had to get my paws on.

while in Gilroy, we ran into their Marshalls... they had Orly, OPI, Sephora by OPI, Barielle, and even some SpaRitual topcoat. the Orly and OPI came in two-packs, of which i got one Orly! the black with silver shimmer is Goth, and the purple is Beautiful Disaster :)

i also got a new stamping plate, Konad m32, a few weeks ago... and i forgot about it and have been carrying it around in my wallet ever since! i love all the different flowers on this one, and the two butterflies in the middle is perfect for me.

i hope you've all had a lovely weekend, mine has been great! Ria :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stamping Design... Leopard & Stripes!

i got my flu shot today... i ended having to go to two places, because the first place didn't start the shots until late afternoon... i knew it couldn't be so easy, just being able to get the shot from somewhere i had to go anyway! super glad i was able to get one... getting the flu is the worst!

today's manicure is a Konad stamping design using plate m81 over OPI Play The Peonies. i used the design with diagonal stripes and a leopard design in the middle! for the stamping polish, i used Essence Black Is Back... definitely one of my favorite black cremes. i feel like there are much better polishes for stamping out there, but this one is pretty good. i'd love to try the black Konad polish. a coat of topcoat seals in the design and brings a beautiful shine!

i'm trying to get better at stamping... my left hand actually came out better than my swatch hand this time, so it's featured! there are a few bobbles still, but i'm learning! Ria :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

OPI Play The Peonies

the wind in Monterey was pretty crazy today! i was trying to take a nap this afternoon but it kept tearing through the trees and freaking the dogs out. it's supposed to be quite warm this weekend... i just can't get used to crazy California weather!

today's polish is OPI Play The Peonies, a super light shell pink pearl. it might be a touch frosty for some, but it's a really lovely nude that just looks completely elegant. the formula is nice, only two coats for full opacity... just make sure to keep your strokes even!

two coats Play The Peonies, one coat Seche Vite.

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

China Glaze Monsters Ball Press Release

today i have a press release from China Glaze on their new Monsters Ball collection to share with you all! i'm definitely going to need to get my little paws on Bump In The Night... a black textured polish sounds yummay!

hope that you have all had a fantastic Monday! Ria :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

OPI Moon Over Mumbai

Mr. Pawlish is off on a fly fishing adventure! the dogs went bonkers last night, but have settled down. i think they are used to me being the one to leave! i had a great jumping lesson yesterday, i rode a different horse since someone else is taking Aramis to a show in October. it was really cool to ride a horse with a completely different temperament.

today's polish is OPI Moon Over Mumbai. this is one of the first OPI polishes i ever bought! i love the color, but was always disappointed in its sheerness. it's a super light greY shot through with subtle shimmers, but even after three coats its still pretty sheer. i do love the milky look it gives on the nail, and am trying to be more appreciative of the sheer colors! i would really like it if the formula was a little better... it wants to be streaky so careful application is a must. a coat of topcoat makes it shine and helps it dry!

three coats Moon Over Mumbai, one coat Seche Vite.

i don't have anything planned for next week, just the usual riding! anybody have anything fab planned?

i'll leave you with a shot of the gorgeous Jet... he's a wonderful boy! Ria :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Barielle Sugar Sweet

i tried to add a stamp to the polish up for review today... but it came out terrible! i'm not sure if it's because i didn't use a polish designed for stamping, or just plain old user error. i had high hopes, but it's just too crummy looking to share!

today's polish is Barielle Sugar Sweet, a light peach with a subtle glass fleck shimmer. it's a sheer polish, after three coats a bit of nail line was still visible... but it had enough coverage that i can live with it. this polish would be awesome to use for French tips! a coat of topcoat helps it dry and brings out those pretty shimmers.

three coats Sugar Sweet, one coat Poshe.

i love how elegant this polish makes your hands look, it's just a really lovely nude! it would be lovely for work and anytime you want something subtle but still special! Ria :)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Out The Door Top Coat

i've been really tired for no good reason over the past week... not sure what's going on! i was bummed because my friend wanted me to go with her to a barn she rides at, but i was just too exhausted after my lesson today. it's really cramping my style!

i thought i'd go ahead and talk about Out The Door top coat. i've been trying it out, and i'm just not wowed. i was really exciting to try it because i've seen so much buzz about it... but i just don't think it lives up to the hype! the good is that it doesn't cause polish to shrink back from your nail tips, and it does dry fairly quickly. however, it's just not shiny and rich looking once dry... both Seche Vite and Poshe look like glass. Out The Door simply adds a touch of shine which dulls up pretty fast. this is one i won't be grabbing for much, i think the only way i'll use it is to help dry coats while doing nail art.

i found Out The Door at CVS for less than $10, i think closer to $5! i believe it's available at Sally's and Ulta as well.

have any of you tried this one? what did you think of it?! Ria :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stamping Design Using Konad m81

we've started letting Jewelsie sleep upstairs with us again... she's been behaving really well so we are trying again! i really hope since she's with the program this time and won't start pooping in my room again... that was so frustrating because it was pure defiance. she seems to be really happy and doing well... here's hoping! :)

i've been really wanting to try out my new Konad plates, so today i added a design from m81 to my Orly Miss Conduct mani. i used the white creme Konad... i was a bit disappointed when it streaked a little after applying Out The Door topcoat. i thought it was dry... i guess not! luckily, it's really not very noticeable in person! and the design is super cute :) it would look even better on someone with wider nail beds, mine are super skinny so you get as much of the design on the nail.

i used the design that gives you a funky French with flowers at the bottom!

here it is! i really wish it hadn't smeared :(

if anybody has any tips to keep stamping designs from smearing, please leave them below!! Ria :)

Monday, September 16, 2013

Orly Miss Conduct

i got my mom to help me dye my hair today... i've been waiting because i didn't want to get dye all over the bathroom... like i always do! to prevent that... we just dyed it in the backyard and used the hose to rinse it out :D i know i looked like a goober, but at least there aren't any dye spots in my bathroom!

today's polish is Orly Miss Conduct... a gorgeous, saturated pink with a scattered holographic shimmer. this came out awhile ago... i can't remember the collection, but i remember this polish was the only one that i wanted. i wish they would come out with more like it! the formula is great, two coats for full opacity. it dries slightly dull, which is helped by topcoat... i'm trying Out The Door... i'm not really in love with it... but i'll have a full post on it when i've tested it out more!

two coats Miss Conduct, one coat Out The Door.

i do love a holographic shimmer! sorry about the lack of post yesterday... sometimes i'm just completely uninspired. a good holo always makes me feel better, though! Ria :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 2013 ipsy Glam Bag

spent the morning and a good chunk of the afternoon at the barn, Aramis was a really good boy! Mr. Pawlish and i grabbed a quick lunch and then he went off to get fly fishing supplies... he's going on a guy's trip to Yellowstone in a couple weeks. i honestly don't get the appeal of fly fishing (or... any fishing), who wants to stand in ice cold hip deep water... for hours?! i try to be a good sport about things, but that's just not happening. so glad that they all found something fun to do together, though!

it's ipsy time again! September's Glam Bag arrived yesterday... i really love the little cosmetic bag the products came in this time! since i didn't like last months cosmetic bag at all, i'm stoked about that :)

Classic Beauty was this month's theme... i can definitely see putting together a classic red lip with winged liner with this month's products. i was majorly disappointed because some people got a Butter London polish in their bag... no polish in mine :(

the only thing i probably won't use is the StarLooks Obsidian black eyeliner... it stays smudgy and that type just doesn't work with my oily skin! i'm not sure how visible the Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter will be on me... it's pretty close to my actual skintone. i'm always open to trying new mascaras, but the name just sounds gross!... It's So Big by Elizabeth Mott. very silly.

the NYX eyeshadow is in Golden Poppy, a lovely gold shimmer... that's my first ever NXY eyeshadow! the Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm in Big Apple is surprisingly pigmented... color me impressed.

let me know if you'd like to see full reviews on any of these products! Ria :)

Friday, September 13, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Royal Icing

glad i made it to the barn today... yesterday, i got completely ready down to my boots and half chaps... and then ended up running errands all morning instead of ever going! Aramis was a little rotten today, hopefully he will be in a better mood for our jump lesson tomorrow.

today we have the last of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats... Royal Icing! this one is really beautiful... a light, icy blue with pink shimmers that dries to a textured finish. my only complaint is that it is quite sheer, but you can offset that by putting a base of white under it! i used two coats over China Glaze White On White... it really reminds me of sugar granules once it's dry... more so than any of the other Sugar Coats! no topcoat for this one... but i'd love a regular polish in the same color with the pink shimmer!

one coat China Glaze White On White, two coats Royal Icing.

it was pretty impossible to get the shimmer to show up as pink, i took loads of pictures and this was the best one! the shimmer is much more obviously pink in person. will you be picking up any of these? i still love them all! Ria :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Laughie Taffy

i'm anxiously awaiting the Burn Notice series finale here on the West Coast... i'm so ready to be done with that show! i've really hated the direction the shows been going in, and these last few episodes have been awful. i admit it, i'm a girl, i want everyone to live happily ever after!

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Laughie Taffy. it's a navy blue creme texture... really rich in color and dries more glossy than any other texture i've seen! the formula is really nice and opaque, you could almost leave it at one coat! it looks better with two, it definitely brings out more of the textured finish. no topcoat for the Sugar Coats!

two coats Laughie Taffy.

check back tomorrow for the last of the Sugar Coats! Ria :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Pink Sprinkle

i was really excited to see that my cross country video from my last horse show got posted. it's really funny to me that you feel like you are flying while you are out there... but you really aren't going that fast at all! it's so nice to see how i actually looked at the show... helps me know what to concentrate on at home!

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Pink Sprinkle! it's a raspberry textured polish with golden flakes... really pretty. it pulls quite red on me, although it does look more pink in the bottle! i wish the formula was a bit more opaque, it takes three coats to become fully opaque. this one would be great layered over white so that you don't need that third coat! remember, no topcoats for textures :)

three coats Pink Sprinkle.

i was able to capture the glitter better in the shade!

i'm looking forward to watching Honey Boo Boo's parents' commitment ceremony on tv tonight... that family is wild! i bet they throw a fun party. Ria :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Treat-Heart

i couldn't believe how different the weather was today, very cool and cloudy... so different from the past few days! it's very nice to ride in, probably my favorite type :) more stirrup-less riding today, my legs are SO tired! i'll put them back on for my lesson tomorrow, but probably will take them off again after... i'm bound and determined to get better :D

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Treat-Heart, a super shimmery light rosy pink textured polish. it's chock full of shimmer particles and a few dark pink glitters... once dry, it really doesn't look much different than a full coverage glitter. the formula is nice... looks quite sheer on the first coat, but is fully opaque at coat two! no topcoat for this one, but dry time isn't too bad on its own... i think the textures dry much faster than traditional polishes.

two coats Treat-Heart.

Happy Tuesday! Ria :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Red Velvet

took my stirrups off my saddle today, i'm determined to improve my seat and balance! taking them completely off is my favorite way, i don't like just leaving them banging around with my feet out of them, or crossing them over the saddle... now there's nothing in the way. Aramis was super good, he didn't even give me trouble in the canter transitions :D

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Red Velvet, a metallic raspberry textured polish. this is my first textured metallic... i was unsure how i felt about it, but it's really growing on me! the formula is fantastic, two perfect coats for full opacity. no topcoat for this one, but it has a super cool finish because the base is metallic while the textured particles are fairly matte.

two coats Red Velvet.

not sure why they called this one Red Velvet... it's much more burgundy than your usual red velvet cake! hope you've all had a great Monday! Ria :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Spare-A-Mint?

Mr. Pawlish and i spent today just hanging out with the dogs... a very fine day indeed :) i don't think we've just spent an entire day at home for quite awhile. he did run out to pick up my meds and to get some Starbucks... every day is better with Starbucks! i'm really into iced Chai tea lattes at the moment, i used to always get them but haven't been drinking them for years... but i'm in love again.

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Spare-A-Mint?, a textured teal creme. i love that Sally Hansen chose to make this color in a textured finish, it's one of those colors that is always super popular and attractive on every skin tone. the formula is fantastic, two super easy coats for full opacity... the formula on this one is like all the ones in the original Sugar Coat collection. remember, no topcoat for these!

two coats Spare-A-Mint?.

i hope you've all had fantastic weekends, mine was really nice! Ria :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Found Some Konad Plates!

really warm day, spent the morning at the barn for a jump lesson. Mr. Pawlish is the best, he came with me as usual to video me ride... it's so helpful to be able to watch myself later and see what needs to be worked on. we had a great lunch... i'm so addicted to Philly cheese steaks right now, which is weird because i used to hate them!

i stopped in a local beauty supply this evening and was surprised to see a few Konad stamping plates! they were only $6.99, so i grabbed a couple. i'm really excited to get the one with the full nail zebra design (m57), i'm looking forward to wearing that for horse shows, they will match my cross country gloves... so no one will really see it, but i'll know it's there :D

if you live in the Monterey area, i found them at Olympia Beauty Supply! they didn't have very many, but i love the two i got... i've been jonesing for m57 since i bought my first Konad kit last year, and m81 is just lovely. hope you're all having a great weekend! Ria :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Candy Corn

nice and warm here in Monterey today, i love days where i can open all the windows! we don't have central air (that was quite an adjustment) so it's really nice to get air moving through the house. i'm always hot, so i really miss air conditioning, even though it really doesn't ever get that hot here... i would still use it!

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Candy Corn! it's a saturated tangerine orange creme... very close to candy corn orange, although a bit more red toned. glad candy corn isn't textured like this, though :D the formula is pretty good, a bit sheer though. most nails were good with two coats, although some might need three! no topcoat for these babies, but they do have a sheen to them when they dry.

two coats Candy Corn.

congratulations everybody, you've made it to the weekend! Happy Friday! Ria :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Gummy Grape

i really need to go to both the dentist and the eye doctor... i've been putting both off for way too long and i'm about out of contacts! any recommendations for the Monterey area?

today's polish is Gummy Grape from the second round of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats! Sally Hansen remains my favorite brand for textured polishes, and this one doesn't disappoint. it's a nice mid-toned purple creme, a bit warmer than my camera was willing to capture. the formula is good, a little thin but still opaque in two coats. thinner coats are best, if the coat is too thick it makes it difficult for the texture to show. no topcoat for these polishes, but they do dry with a nice shine!

two coats Gummy Grape.

keep checking back over the next week, there will be a new Sugar Coat review up every day! Ria :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Butter London Wallis

can i just say how happy i am that Burger King has brought back the Parmesan Chicken Sandwich?! i have to admit it's not quite as good as it was last year (they've cheaped out on the cheese) but i still love it! i wish that it was on the menu all the time... although i guess it's good it's not, or i would just constantly eat at BK :D tomorrow i have to go get groceries... i put it off and tonight we ran out of bottled water! i'm a huge water drinker so i'm really crabby i didn't realize we were low... and the tap water here, even out of a purifier, is just gross. i really hope Maryland water tastes good so i can stop with all the bottled!

today's polish is Butter London Wallis. man, is this a beauty. it's a shimmery olive green foil that has a lot of depth... it just looks really rich on the nail. don't let the formula scare you, it's a bit sheer on coat one but fully opaque and luscious at coat two! a coat of topcoat helps bring out the shinies... i tried Butter London's Hardwear Topcoat, but it's not drying it that fast. yet another thing that fights my skin chemistry... so weird!

two coats Wallis, one coat Butter London Hardwear Topcoat.

Butter London remains my favorite brand of 'splurge' polish... it's just lovely, but at 15 bucks a pop, it's not something i can go out and buy every color! is Butter London a brand you splurge on? Ria :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SpaRitual Alive

had a little moment of hilarity at the barn today... i was cleaning Aramis's feet, and in one i found a light yellow spot that looked bone coming through where a bunch of the hoof was shedding out. i didn't think there were any bones to be found at that particular spot, but i was still worried. after grabbing a couple friends to come see, i kept gently poking around it with the hoof pick... and do you know what popped out?! a MACADAMIA NUT SHELL! it was so random and highly entertaining :D

today's polish is SpaRitual Alive, an orange-toned red creme. if you are looking for a color like this, the formula one on this one is excellent! two easy coats for full opacity and it dries shiny on its own. to add even more gloss (and help it dry!) i did add a coat of topcoat.. i'm trying out a new one, Out The Door, which has been getting some buzz lately in the nail community. i'll let you all know what i think once i've tried it out for a while.

two coats Alive, one coat Out The Door.

nothing too exciting planned for this week, just the usual barn time. have you guys got anything fun planned? Ria :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Konad Stamping Plate m93

for today's manicure i used the Konad stamping plate m93, which was kindly sent to me for review from the lovely people at! i picked this plate because i love full nail stamps... and the little extra anchor stamp is perfect for a Navy wife :)

it came in a little plastic sleeve, and was ready to go right out of the package. i really dislike when plates have the plastic film over them... they are so difficult to get off!

the plate has four full nail designs, along with the little anchor!

i decided to do one design on each nail, going with nautical colors because of the anchor :D i'm not the greatest at stamping, but Konad plates are (in my opinion!) the easiest to use... the designs seem to be a bit deeper set than the other brands of plates i've tried. i used Konad brand Red and Blue creme polishes for the stamps, and China Glaze White On White as the base polish. for the heart nail, i had excess polish on the stamper, which made the extra little lines you see around the hearts. the top of the nail looks different because i added a little polish to a bald spot... but i accidentally had the stamp upside down! it's really noticeable, though :) i used a coat of Poshe topcoat to dry White On White, then applied the design. after letting the Konad polishes dry a bit, i added another coat of Poshe to seal it in. make sure you wait until the Konad has dried completely, i think i didn't wait long enough so my designs smeared a little!

here's a closeup of each nail with its corresponding stamp.

you can find this plate at for $8.75, the direct link is here!

i hope you enjoyed seeing this plate, thank you so much to Nail Polish Canada for providing it! let me know if you have any questions or would like to see other manicure options with this plate. Happy Monday! Ria :)

:: Konad Stamping Plate m93 was provided to me for review. These are my honest opinions! ::