Thursday, September 19, 2013

Barielle Sugar Sweet

i tried to add a stamp to the polish up for review today... but it came out terrible! i'm not sure if it's because i didn't use a polish designed for stamping, or just plain old user error. i had high hopes, but it's just too crummy looking to share!

today's polish is Barielle Sugar Sweet, a light peach with a subtle glass fleck shimmer. it's a sheer polish, after three coats a bit of nail line was still visible... but it had enough coverage that i can live with it. this polish would be awesome to use for French tips! a coat of topcoat helps it dry and brings out those pretty shimmers.

three coats Sugar Sweet, one coat Poshe.

i love how elegant this polish makes your hands look, it's just a really lovely nude! it would be lovely for work and anytime you want something subtle but still special! Ria :)

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