Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Butter London Wallis

can i just say how happy i am that Burger King has brought back the Parmesan Chicken Sandwich?! i have to admit it's not quite as good as it was last year (they've cheaped out on the cheese) but i still love it! i wish that it was on the menu all the time... although i guess it's good it's not, or i would just constantly eat at BK :D tomorrow i have to go get groceries... i put it off and tonight we ran out of bottled water! i'm a huge water drinker so i'm really crabby i didn't realize we were low... and the tap water here, even out of a purifier, is just gross. i really hope Maryland water tastes good so i can stop with all the bottled!

today's polish is Butter London Wallis. man, is this a beauty. it's a shimmery olive green foil that has a lot of depth... it just looks really rich on the nail. don't let the formula scare you, it's a bit sheer on coat one but fully opaque and luscious at coat two! a coat of topcoat helps bring out the shinies... i tried Butter London's Hardwear Topcoat, but it's not drying it that fast. yet another thing that fights my skin chemistry... so weird!

two coats Wallis, one coat Butter London Hardwear Topcoat.

Butter London remains my favorite brand of 'splurge' polish... it's just lovely, but at 15 bucks a pop, it's not something i can go out and buy every color! is Butter London a brand you splurge on? Ria :)

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