Saturday, September 7, 2013

Found Some Konad Plates!

really warm day, spent the morning at the barn for a jump lesson. Mr. Pawlish is the best, he came with me as usual to video me ride... it's so helpful to be able to watch myself later and see what needs to be worked on. we had a great lunch... i'm so addicted to Philly cheese steaks right now, which is weird because i used to hate them!

i stopped in a local beauty supply this evening and was surprised to see a few Konad stamping plates! they were only $6.99, so i grabbed a couple. i'm really excited to get the one with the full nail zebra design (m57), i'm looking forward to wearing that for horse shows, they will match my cross country gloves... so no one will really see it, but i'll know it's there :D

if you live in the Monterey area, i found them at Olympia Beauty Supply! they didn't have very many, but i love the two i got... i've been jonesing for m57 since i bought my first Konad kit last year, and m81 is just lovely. hope you're all having a great weekend! Ria :)

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