Monday, September 30, 2013

Julep Maven :: October 2013 It Girl Box

it was pretty warm out at the barn today... Aramis is already growing in his winter coat, so he was really sweating! tomorrow will be a light day, i'm planning on just working on my posting without stirrups... he has a lesson with a younger girl in the evening :)

it's time again for my Julep Maven It Girl box... can't believe it's already October (or will be in a few hours!). i didn't add-on any polishes this time, so i have just the basic box to share with you all! it came with three shimmery polishes and a little bag of candy corn... i LOVE candy corn :D

here's a look at the box...

and here are the polishes!

i'm most looking forward to Ciara, a purple and teal duochrome! hope you've all had great Mondays! Ria :)

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