Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Gummy Grape

i really need to go to both the dentist and the eye doctor... i've been putting both off for way too long and i'm about out of contacts! any recommendations for the Monterey area?

today's polish is Gummy Grape from the second round of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats! Sally Hansen remains my favorite brand for textured polishes, and this one doesn't disappoint. it's a nice mid-toned purple creme, a bit warmer than my camera was willing to capture. the formula is good, a little thin but still opaque in two coats. thinner coats are best, if the coat is too thick it makes it difficult for the texture to show. no topcoat for these polishes, but they do dry with a nice shine!

two coats Gummy Grape.

keep checking back over the next week, there will be a new Sugar Coat review up every day! Ria :)

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