Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Laughie Taffy

i'm anxiously awaiting the Burn Notice series finale here on the West Coast... i'm so ready to be done with that show! i've really hated the direction the shows been going in, and these last few episodes have been awful. i admit it, i'm a girl, i want everyone to live happily ever after!

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Laughie Taffy. it's a navy blue creme texture... really rich in color and dries more glossy than any other texture i've seen! the formula is really nice and opaque, you could almost leave it at one coat! it looks better with two, it definitely brings out more of the textured finish. no topcoat for the Sugar Coats!

two coats Laughie Taffy.

check back tomorrow for the last of the Sugar Coats! Ria :)

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