Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Pink Sprinkle

i was really excited to see that my cross country video from my last horse show got posted. it's really funny to me that you feel like you are flying while you are out there... but you really aren't going that fast at all! it's so nice to see how i actually looked at the show... helps me know what to concentrate on at home!

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Pink Sprinkle! it's a raspberry textured polish with golden flakes... really pretty. it pulls quite red on me, although it does look more pink in the bottle! i wish the formula was a bit more opaque, it takes three coats to become fully opaque. this one would be great layered over white so that you don't need that third coat! remember, no topcoats for textures :)

three coats Pink Sprinkle.

i was able to capture the glitter better in the shade!

i'm looking forward to watching Honey Boo Boo's parents' commitment ceremony on tv tonight... that family is wild! i bet they throw a fun party. Ria :)

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