Monday, September 9, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Red Velvet

took my stirrups off my saddle today, i'm determined to improve my seat and balance! taking them completely off is my favorite way, i don't like just leaving them banging around with my feet out of them, or crossing them over the saddle... now there's nothing in the way. Aramis was super good, he didn't even give me trouble in the canter transitions :D

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Red Velvet, a metallic raspberry textured polish. this is my first textured metallic... i was unsure how i felt about it, but it's really growing on me! the formula is fantastic, two perfect coats for full opacity. no topcoat for this one, but it has a super cool finish because the base is metallic while the textured particles are fairly matte.

two coats Red Velvet.

not sure why they called this one Red Velvet... it's much more burgundy than your usual red velvet cake! hope you've all had a great Monday! Ria :)

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