Friday, September 13, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Royal Icing

glad i made it to the barn today... yesterday, i got completely ready down to my boots and half chaps... and then ended up running errands all morning instead of ever going! Aramis was a little rotten today, hopefully he will be in a better mood for our jump lesson tomorrow.

today we have the last of the Sally Hansen Sugar Coats... Royal Icing! this one is really beautiful... a light, icy blue with pink shimmers that dries to a textured finish. my only complaint is that it is quite sheer, but you can offset that by putting a base of white under it! i used two coats over China Glaze White On White... it really reminds me of sugar granules once it's dry... more so than any of the other Sugar Coats! no topcoat for this one... but i'd love a regular polish in the same color with the pink shimmer!

one coat China Glaze White On White, two coats Royal Icing.

it was pretty impossible to get the shimmer to show up as pink, i took loads of pictures and this was the best one! the shimmer is much more obviously pink in person. will you be picking up any of these? i still love them all! Ria :)

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