Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat... Spare-A-Mint?

Mr. Pawlish and i spent today just hanging out with the dogs... a very fine day indeed :) i don't think we've just spent an entire day at home for quite awhile. he did run out to pick up my meds and to get some Starbucks... every day is better with Starbucks! i'm really into iced Chai tea lattes at the moment, i used to always get them but haven't been drinking them for years... but i'm in love again.

today's Sally Hansen Sugar Coat is Spare-A-Mint?, a textured teal creme. i love that Sally Hansen chose to make this color in a textured finish, it's one of those colors that is always super popular and attractive on every skin tone. the formula is fantastic, two super easy coats for full opacity... the formula on this one is like all the ones in the original Sugar Coat collection. remember, no topcoat for these!

two coats Spare-A-Mint?.

i hope you've all had fantastic weekends, mine was really nice! Ria :)

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