Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stamping Design... Leopard & Stripes!

i got my flu shot today... i ended having to go to two places, because the first place didn't start the shots until late afternoon... i knew it couldn't be so easy, just being able to get the shot from somewhere i had to go anyway! super glad i was able to get one... getting the flu is the worst!

today's manicure is a Konad stamping design using plate m81 over OPI Play The Peonies. i used the design with diagonal stripes and a leopard design in the middle! for the stamping polish, i used Essence Black Is Back... definitely one of my favorite black cremes. i feel like there are much better polishes for stamping out there, but this one is pretty good. i'd love to try the black Konad polish. a coat of topcoat seals in the design and brings a beautiful shine!

i'm trying to get better at stamping... my left hand actually came out better than my swatch hand this time, so it's featured! there are a few bobbles still, but i'm learning! Ria :)

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