Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Stamping Design Using Konad m81

we've started letting Jewelsie sleep upstairs with us again... she's been behaving really well so we are trying again! i really hope since she's with the program this time and won't start pooping in my room again... that was so frustrating because it was pure defiance. she seems to be really happy and doing well... here's hoping! :)

i've been really wanting to try out my new Konad plates, so today i added a design from m81 to my Orly Miss Conduct mani. i used the white creme Konad... i was a bit disappointed when it streaked a little after applying Out The Door topcoat. i thought it was dry... i guess not! luckily, it's really not very noticeable in person! and the design is super cute :) it would look even better on someone with wider nail beds, mine are super skinny so you get as much of the design on the nail.

i used the design that gives you a funky French with flowers at the bottom!

here it is! i really wish it hadn't smeared :(

if anybody has any tips to keep stamping designs from smearing, please leave them below!! Ria :)

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