Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Collective Polish Haulage!

didn't make it out to the barn today, Mr. Pawlish had to go the doctor to get some things signed off on for our impending move! i just wish i could make time stop hurtling along... March gets closer and closer. the maintenance dude also came to fix the ice maker... which he failed at doing >.< guess i'll spend another day waiting around for them, i can't be gone when they come because the dogs would lose their marbles over some strange person coming in their house with no one else home!

today i'd like to share the polishes i've picked up over the last few weeks. most things were on sale, and the Orlys i just couldn't resist!

let's kick off with those Orly polishes... i just had to have the Matte FX collection, and the blue duochrome Angel Rain from their Surreal collection.

i got a few Barielles from Marshalls, they originally came in a set of five but somebody had jacked one! so i got the remaining four for $5... the major selling point for me is that it had Lava Rock in it, which i've been jonesing for ever since passing it up last month!

lastly, i found a bunch of Maybelline Color Show Liquid Leather polishes on sale at Rite Aid over the weekend. i had never tried those before and i'm still on the fence about them... looking forward to actually seeing them on my nails. i accidentally also bought a regular Color Show polish as it was clearanced out with the others... happily, it's a nice color and was only $1.99 so no regrets! there is also a lone Sally Hansen polish that was such a gorgeous blue and only $1.49... how can you pass that up?!

hope you enjoyed seeing my new purchases! have you tried any of these polishes? what did you think?? Ria :)

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