Monday, October 21, 2013

October 2013 ipsy Glam Bag

i'm super disappointed today... i got an email from the eBay seller i had bought my new boots from saying that they hadn't accidentally sent me one boot that was the wrong size. i had noticed that one boot felt larger, but i never thought to check if it was a different size! turns out, it was, so i have to send them back :( those are the ones i got an awesome deal on... i'm hoping to find another pair one day!

i got my October ipsy Glam Bag over a week ago, but i had other things to share with you all first! but, today's the day :D this isn't my favorite bag and i'll probably give most of the products away... but for $10, it's worth the gamble.

here's a look at the bag...

these next products seem nice, but i i'm set in my ways on my hair and face routine, and i don't really care to smell like strawberry... some friends will benefit from these!

i love Zoya polishes, and since they are $8 a pop, that right there almost pays for the bag. i've been wanting to try Buxom gloss... i'm so happy one came in this bag, now i didn't waste my money! it's just too tingly for me, i really hate tingly glosses... that one will go to Mama Pawlish :D

i hope you've enjoyed this little peep into my ipsy bag, check back tomorrow for a collective nail polish haul! Ria  :)

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