Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OPI Flit A Bit

poor Aramis was a little lame today, i hope his leg heals up soon! he's completely busted apart one of the pieces from his fence, i have a feeling that might have something to do with it... such a naughtycake. met up with Mama Pawlish for lunch... here lately i've been just drooling constantly for Philly cheesesteaks! luckily, one of my fave restaurants here makes an awesome one :)

today's polish is OPI Flit A Bit, a rich orange creme. love the color on this one, but the formula is obnoxious. it's super streaky on coat one, some patchiness on coat two... finally you get nice coverage on coat three, but the polish is just goopy. that could just be this bottle, though! it's dries nice and glossy on its own, but i definitely needed topcoat to help dry three coats of polish (four on some fingers!).

three coats Flit A Bit, one coat Seche Vite.

i hope you all had fantastic Tuesdays, see you soon! Ria :)

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