Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Bit of Polish Haulage!

i've gotten quite a few bottles over the last couple days... which is exactly why i try and stay out of those kinds of stores :D however, some deals at Marshalls were just too good to pass up... like a whole set of Magnetix for $7.99! what?! it doesn't come with the magnets, but i did see them at Ulta on clearance (i already bought them on clearance awhile ago).

i just couldn't believe these were only $7.99!

at Marshalls i also got these SpaRitual polishes and a couple beat up Orlys. the SpaRitual set came with a little bag, but i already gave that away :)

here's all the random loose polishes i've gotten... some were good deals, and some were lemmings like the three from the Zoya holiday collection! i also grabbed the white texture from China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze collection (There's Snow One Like You), i just have to try it :) i hadn't seen or heard anything about those Rimmels... and they were on sale for only $1.99 at CVS! the Essence is a beauty in the bottle, hopefully it will be on the nail... and i want to see just how good the new Sally Hansen Triple Shine line is so i got creme... i feel like you best see how a line performs by its cremes!

hope you've enjoyed seeing my recent buys, let me know if it inspires you to pick anything up! Ria :)

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