Tuesday, November 5, 2013

c. Booth Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub

today was absolutely gorgeous! such a perfect barn day. walked Aramis... my friend helped me check  him and he is sadly still lame :( i walked Aramis and then rode Bodie... it's Tuesday, no stirrup day! i can tell i haven't been doing it for a couple weeks... my thighs were burning big time, gotta get those muscles back.

today's product is c. Booth Green Apple Micro Dermabrasion Scrub! i really love face scrubs and i have tried bunches... this one is way above your average scrub. if you really want to remove dead skin, this is the scrub to do it. it really makes your skin SO smooth, i'm always in awe! it has both granules and malic and lactic acid to aid in exfoliation. the granules are pretty hard core, if you're sensitive to things scratching your face, you might want to say away from this one. it's strong enough that it's only recommended for once or twice a week usage! my face has broken out really badly lately, so i pulled this out and it made a difference overnight... apparently, leaving out exfoliating from my face routine really tick off my skin. i had stopped using it for a bit and kind of forgot just how much i like it!

here's the tube... you can find it at Rite Aid!

i love how bright my face looks after using this product, it just really brings out the healthy look of your skin! have any of you tried this scrub? what did you think? Ria :)

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