Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lancome Lip & Nail Trios 2013

i can't believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! time just really flies when you don't want it to. do you guys have fun plans? Mama Pawlish, Mr. Pawlish and i are going to a huge gathering of military families... at least 65 people! pretty crazy :)

today we have the Lancome Lip & Nail Trios! you get a full size Color Fever Gloss and two full size Vernis In Love nail polishes for only $32... according to the box that's a $64 value! best of all, Macy's will have these for $25 on Black Friday... i would recommend getting them early because i doubt they'll last at that price!

Baby, It's Cold Outside has darker colors, while Miss Mistletoe has a pastel and a lovely pink. sorry these box pictures aren't the greatest, my camera freaked out over the sparkly packaging!

here's a closeup look at the products, including their individual names! Madame Tulipe is a bit more burgundy than it looks in the photo!

will you be grabbing these? i'm super excited because (believe it or not) i have never tried a Lancome polish before! Ria :)


  1. I've never tried LancĂ´me polishes either. They look so pretty. The price is my problem.

    1. they are quite spendy, especially since they are less than half of a traditional size bottle!


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