Saturday, December 7, 2013

Lancome Vernis In Love Pearl Grey

been fairly busy week, Thursday was pretty crazy because i spent most of it waiting for the UPS man, then the rest trying to get the new cell phones activated! the poor guy at Best Buy just couldn't get it right... and then (over three hours later!!) we thought he finally had so we headed out to dinner. which is when i realized that my phone was programmed with my mom's number and vice versa... that's the second time Best Buy has done that! i was really frustrated, but what can you do? so, back to Best Buy, where the same poor guy spent another hour trying to fix it. which he eventually did... and i love my new Samsung Galaxy S4... the video quality is pretty awesome, which is great since i always make Mr. Pawlish record me riding :)

today we have Lancome Vernis In Love Pearl Grey. this is my first ever time reviewing a Lancome polish... shocking since it's my favorite makeup brand. Pearl Grey is well named, it's a taupey greY with a pearl finish! i was nicely surprised by the formula, a little watery for my personal taste, but full coverage in only two coats. when you add topcoat, this polish just makes your hands look rich!

two coats Pearl Grey, one coat Seche Vite.

hope you're all having fantastic weekends! i spent my morning at the barn then had a great lunch... i think we're just hanging out at home tomorrow. Ria :)

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