Sunday, December 8, 2013

Small Collective Haul

Mr. Pawlish and i had CPK for lunch today, which was really yummy... we haven't been in awhile and i'd almost forgotten how good their avocado club rolls are! after that we just spent the day at home with the dogs :)

today i thought i'd show you some things i'd picked up lately, these pictures have been sitting around for awhile so i thought i'd just make it a small post instead of waiting to get more!

i got this gold Sally Hansen InstaDri to stamp with... but i was really excited to see that Sally Hansen put out a line of nail art supplies! i picked up the pack with rhinestones and studs, but i was pretty tempted by the beads. i forced myself to remember that i always pick at the beads and they fall off in my gloves when i'm riding :D i found these at CVS.

from Target i got some liners from Pixi and an eyeshadow brush from Sonia Kashuk... love the liners, and i'm still trying out the brush! be really careful when buying from Target, people are always opening things and swatching them, so make sure you check things out before you buy. i forgot for the CopperGold liner and it had been swatched >.< if this happens to you, what i do is wipe it with alcohol and then sharpen away the exposed product!

lastly, i got another five pack of Barielles from Marshalls... these were on clearance! 

hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of what i've been buying lately... check back tomorrow for my EcoTools brush haul, including what i ordered from them on Black Friday! Ria :)

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