Friday, January 3, 2014

Butter London Bluecoat

i'm so glad it's warmed up around here, i was so bummed to be having cold weather in California! i will be having plenty of that next year in Maryland... i think i'm still in a bit of denial that i'm moving in less than three months... yikes!

today's polish is Butter London Bluecoat, a gorgeous dark blue shot through with royal blue shimmer. like all Butter polishes i've tried, it almost applies itself and is perfectly opaque in two coats. a coat of topcoat really brings out the sparkle... using Butter London Patent-Gel Topcoat really made it look like gel polish!

one coat Butter London Patent-Gel Basecoat, two coats Bluecoat, one coat Butter London Patent-Gel Topcoat.

no big plans for this weekend... any of you have anything fun going on? Ria :)

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