Sunday, January 19, 2014

Essie Belugaria

nothing too exciting to report this weekend... yesterday we went to lunch at CPK and walked around a the mall a little bit. i was hoping to find Lancome's spring collection at Macy's, but sadly it's not in yet! i rarely buy limited edition items, but my interest is really piqued in one of the lipsticks :)

today's polish is Essie Belugaria. this is one i've been drooling over ever since seeing it on other people's blogs, but just hadn't bought. i had some CVS rewards to spend and this was the perfect purchase! it's a black creme that dries down to a textured, chunky finish... what makes this polish different is the holographic hex glitter that is shot throughout it. it's just awesome, i love the little flashes of rainbow from such an unexpected place... it's reminiscent of mica in asphalt... it doesn't sound pretty, but it is! i used two coats over Essence Black Is Back, just to ensure easy opacity without wasting so much polish. i felt it needed two coats to really bring out the texture. no topcoat with this one!

one coat Essence Black Is Back, two coats Essie Belugaria.

it doesn't stay quite so shiny, but it does wear pretty well! i did find it much easier to chip after showering, though. have you tried this one? Ria :)

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  1. i just bought his one today and i am really excited how it will turn out on my nails^^


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