Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ulta Friends & Family 20% Coupon!

my sutures in my arm got infected, so i've been forced by the doctor to keep my arm in a sling, which is why i haven't been posting... but this Ulta deal is just too good not to pass along, so i'll keep it quick!

i saw on Jerlyn's YouTube channel, makeupfreeek this video detailing how to get a 20% off coupon from Ulta that is valid on most things, including many prestige brands! (sadly, Lancome is not included).

simply go to ::

and fill out the page... and they'll email you a coupon valid 1/12/14-1/18/14! i've already got mine :)

be sure to check out Jerlyn's vlog channel, jerlynTV! i don't know her personally, but i've been watching her original channel for years, she has great beauty content!

let me know if you take advantage of this awesome deal... and what you get! Ria :)

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