Tuesday, February 18, 2014

February 2014 ipsy Glam Bag

spent the past two days packing... movers will pack everything, but there were some things that i wanted to pack, so i know they have the best chance of making it through the move! tomorrow i have a riding lesson, i think i'm just going to be going to lessons now since my friend is back and i feel like i have so much to do... the movers come on the 17th!

today i'm happy to share my February 2014 ipsy Glam Bag with you all! i liked this one much better than last month, which is always nice :) i definitely prefer receiving cosmetics to random beauty products! and the bag this month is SO cute... i would have preferred the adorable pink leopard lining to be on the outside, though :D

a peep in the bag... i folded it down so you can see the glorious lining!

i'm always happy to have a nail polish, and i've always wanted to try Mally cosmetics, so i was really delighted to find one of her liners!

i love POP beauty, glad to have one of their glosses! i really like the colors in the Jesse's Girl eye shadow palette, although i might pass that one along. interested in trying out the Uberliss hair oil!

can't believe just how fast time is flying by! this time next month my house will be full of boxes... and not much light since there isn't much overhead lighting. i'm thinking we will move into the downstairs for the interim! Ria :)

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