Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Salon Perfect Kaboom

it's me again! i'm still trying to get settled in... i always freak out when i move. to say i don't handle change well is an understatement! i reallllly need to suck it up since i've got over a decade of moves in my future... Navy life :) i'm still on the hunt for a barn, i thought i'd found the perfect one, but it turned out to be totally imperfect with a horse that came with a risk of... you know... death. i'm actually heading out in a couple hours to tour another facility. the search continues!

today i have Salon Perfect Kaboom to share with you all. i have searched and searched for this polish, i can't believe i finally found it in the town i grew up in while passing through on the way to Maryland! this polish is from sooo many collections ago, i guess i was just meant to have it :)  boy, i sure hope the Walmart here has Salon Perfect! i haven't made it over there to check, yet... soon, hopefully! Kaboom is the best dupe of the famous Floam... i don't have Floam but you can check out a comparison of the two on Samarium's Swatches here! i dreamed of Floam for years... i can happily say that i no longer need it, i'm quite happy with Kaboom! it's a matte glitter polishes full of tiny blue and green particles... it doesn't sound like much, but it's pretty cool! i used two coats over a white base to get an opaque look, it really is reminiscent of Nickelodeon's Floam from childhood :) this one is a topcoat eater, i just added one to seal it, but didn't try to get it smooth and shiny.

two coats China Glaze White On White, two coats Kaboom, one coat Butter London Nail 999 Rescue Topcoat.

you can see the glitter makes it a little bumpy on the tips, so be aware that this can be a bit of a rough mani! you can find Salon Perfect polishes at Walmart (if your store carries them!).

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

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