Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 Swatch Naming Championship from Nail Polish Canada

i'm so excited to share 2014 Swatch Naming Championship with you all today! it is hosted by Nail Polish Canada and is a short quiz that tests your polish knowledge. i was lucky enough to be selected to donate a swatch, so will see my fingers in one picture :D

the 2014 Swatch Naming Championship will show you one swatch photo and give two possible polish names... you have to determine which name is the correct one for the polish! to make it more fun, you're timed, so you have to decide quickly... no time to cheat and check Google :)

take the quiz and see how your polish knowledge stands up under pressure!

Nail Polish Canada Swatch Challenge

don't feel badly if you don't do well... i only got 56% correct which landed me at Silver status!

i think that this is such a fun idea, let me know if you particpate and how you do!! and make sure to check out www.NailPolishCanada.com for all your polish needs. Ria :)

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