Tuesday, June 17, 2014

China Glaze Off Shore... Stoked To Be Soaked

whew, it's really getting hot here in Maryland! it was 91F at the barn today... but the real killer is the humidity. i kind of forgot how completely i'm not used to these conditions and overdid it a little bit. the crazy thing is it's still going to get more hot! 100F and super humid is pretty normal for the summer... yikes. thank goodness for central air :D

Stoked To Be Soaked is the last polish i have to share with you all from the China Glaze Off Shore collection (it's a press sample, kindly provided to me for review!). it's a orange with a subtle golden shimmer and red undertones... perfect for hot days like today! i was concerned it would be sheer simply owing to the color, but i needn't have worried... it's opaque in two coats. the shimmer is pretty hidden inside, but adds to the polish's depth... and outside it's full of subtle sparkle. this one will need a topcoat to really make it glossy and show off the shimmer!

two coats Stoked To Be Soaked, one coat China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat.

you can find China Glaze products in salons and professional beauty stores... my favorite place to buy China Glaze is Sally Beauty Supply!

i am so thankful for the opportunity to review these polishes! they're all lovely, but i would have to say that China Glaze Feel The Breeze is my especial favorite... what's yours? will you be picking any of these up? Ria :)

:: these products are press samples provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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