Wednesday, July 23, 2014

China Glaze Pop Top Glisten Up Box Set

i don't usually do posts with multiple polishes, but because the China Glaze Pop Top collection can be bought in two box sets, i thought i would do a post on each box set. we are starting with the Glisten Up box set!

all of these polishes (and the China Glaze Fast Forward Top Coat!) were kindly sent to me for review. i had already purchased Luxe And Lush myself awhile ago, you can see the original review here! in this post i will have fresh swatches of everything, and they will all be topped with Fast Forward Top Coat :)

the Glisten Up box set includes Heart Of Africa, Luxe And Lush, Pizzazz, and Fairy Dust! here's a look at them in the bottles.

first up we have the base color, Heart Of Africa. it's a gorgeous saturated wine shimmer that is easy to apply and opaque in only two coats! it's gorgeous all on its own, so if you buy the box set, you will have lots of options.

next we have Luxe And Lush. it's mylar shard flakie topper... and one of my favorite glitters of all time! when this originally was released, i bought it... then loved it so much i bought a back up. the flakes flash shades of green, orange, and yellow... and are just so pretty. it applies pretty easily, with a little bit of placing necessary, but not nearly as much as some flakies require. i think it's because the flakes are very dense in the base, so you are guaranteed to have a good amount on your brush for application!

next up is Pizzazz, a glitter bursting with different sizes of hex pieces in silver, blue, purple, green, orange, and gold. the glitter is very densely packed, so you would be able to get the look of complete glitter pretty easily! i used only one coat, and you can see my nails are pretty well covered.

last up is Fairy Dust, a super fine holographic glitter. this gives the look a scattered holo to any nail polish... which is really cool! the teensy particles make this polish stand out from other holographic toppers. this one would be difficult to get an opaque look from... but as you can see in the swatch, just one coat does give nice, even coverage of the nail! 

all of these are much more spectacular in person... it's impossible to capture the beauty of glitters (especially holos!) in a photograph :)

the China Glaze Pop Top collection will be available starting August 2014. if you buy all the polishes individually, the MSRP is $7.50 and they will be at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide. the four piece box sets are exclusive to Ulta, the MSRP is $19.95... which means if you want the whole collection, you will really save by heading to Ulta and getting the sets :D

hope you enjoyed this post, coming up next is the Feeling Sparkly box set!

Happy Wednesday! Ria :)

:: these polishes are press samples sent to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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