Tuesday, July 15, 2014

China Glaze Pop Top Press Release

i'm so glad that i'm able to post today, we had a big storm here and the internet has been out! the only bad thing about having everything run off cable is that when the cable goes... everything, even the phone, goes. happily, it's all back now :)

i have a press release on China Glaze's new collection, Pop Top, to share with you all today! i love that the collection includes a couple classic shades, along with new glitters... makes it so easy. i know Luxe & Lush was out a few years ago, i actually bought a backup of it i love it so much! see it swatched and reviewed here. so glad it's back again for those who missed it!

check back tomorrow for a press release on Salon Perfect's new collection, Neon POP. hope you have a fantastic week! Ria :)

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