Sunday, July 6, 2014

INNI Nails Customizable Nail Wraps Press Release

i have a really cool company to share with you all today... INNI! they produce customizable nail wraps... you can even upload pictures that will become your own personal nail art! the thought of being able to wear my horses and dogs on my nails is pretty awesome. read on to find out more :)

INNI Nails Debuts in America

Picture Perfect Nails Designed For You, By You. Create High Fashion, Salon Quality Manicures with INNI Nails

Love nail art and don't know where to start? Are you spending hours watching YouTube tutorials and lots of money in the salon? Did you ever imagine that you could get any colors and designs you want for just $10, in 10 minutes, that last over 10 days? If you are like us, you will love INNI as much as we do!

Accessorize your hands with the latest in nail fashion, INNI Nails! Completely customizable INNI nail wraps are a new and unique way to achieve a flawless looking salon quality manicure. Any design you want, from your phone to your home. Simply snap it, create it or select it at With over 1 million designs available, there's something for you every day and every night.

New to America, INNI Nails' creative web and mobile interface allows beauty lovers everywhere to design your own nail wraps or select from the world's largest collection that other INNI users have created. Thousands of high-resolution fashion shapes, gradient colors, team logos, animal prints, New York runway designs - no more limits to express your creativity!

INNI Nails was created with a mission to help people be more creative, unique and beautiful. Fed up with the quality and inconvenience of nail art, the 3 co-founders Katja Koutaniemi, Lauri Koutaniemi and Candice Chua started with high ambitions and a vision to create something completely new for nail fashion.

"We want to create more options for beauty products and make shopping easier, faster and more affordable. We want to build a community where everyone can be fashionable and stand out, sharing their unique looks and designs."

The founding team launched INNI in May 2014, bringing together the best fashion technology from Finland and Singapore. Katja tried doing her nails over 1,000 times and could never get it right, so she researched and developed the concept for customizable nail art. Lauri, Katja's husband got very excited about the idea, and brings his 15 years of experience for online graphic design technology, with the INNI website and app based on his award-winning SumoPaint application. For Candice, INNI is perfect to express her 7-year passion for design and responsible business management, developed from running her own graphic design company and nonprofit consultancy while working in banking and business development.

Like gel polish but better, INNI nail stickers last looking perfect up to 14 days and don't peel or chip even in water or hot temperatures. Created from extremely durable and flexible vinyl, the wraps can be stretched to cover the entire nail surface for a flawless wrinkle-free manicure every time. Removing is easy - just peel off after 2 weeks and say goodbye to toxic fumes!

INNI Nails comes in a set of 30 pieces with 13 different sizes for both hands, from very small to very big so that both young girls and grown-ups can enjoy the perfect fit. Customers also receive a compact nail file along with instructions on how to apply the nail stickers and how to find your correct size. Custom sets retail online starting from $9.90 with free shipping everywhere. 

For additional information and to design your own nail wraps visit

what do you guys think? i've actually never tried any sort of nail wraps before, but these look absolutely amazing. 

Happy Sunday! Ria :)

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