Thursday, August 28, 2014

French Manicure Using Salon Perfect Polishes!

tonight is a show jumping lesson! hopefully Mr. Pawlish will make home in time to go... he's had a super busy week at work so it could go either way. it's so nice when he goes so he can take video, it really helps for me to able to watch and see what i can fix next time. plus, pictures! next month he definitely won't be able to come because lessons will be earlier... hate it when the days get shorter :( i'm sure looking forward to Autumn weather, though!

today i have a French mani to share with you all! i love French manicures, especially French... they're just so much easier to get even and nice than a traditional French. i had originally put on Salon Perfect Pocketful Of Posies, it just looked so great in the swatch when i was working on yesterday's post that i had to slap it on! upon looking at it, it looked like it was just crying out to be French, so of course i obliged with Salon Perfect Sugar Cube. i used two coats of topcoat to seal it in because i somehow had gotten dirty bits in the topcoat, so i had to add polish and then more topcoat to fix it! grrrrr, frustrating when that happens >.<

two coats Salon Perfect Pocketful Of Posiesone coat at the tips Salon Perfect Sugar Cube,  two coats Salon Perfect Crystal Clear Top Coat. (all three are press samples).

i did edit out the patches i did on these, and a bunch of air bubbles from trying to get the black bits out. oddly enough, you can't even see the bubbles in person! i was shocked when i went to edit the photos and saw them all... so weird how cameras will pick things up that aren't noticeable in person :)

Salon Perfect polishes are sold exclusively at Walmart and and retail for $3.98. make sure to check out the other offerings from Salon Perfect! you can also check Salon Perfect out at www.SalonPerfect.comon Facebook (@SalonPerfectLashes), Instagram (@SalonPerfect), Twitter (@Salon_Perfect), Pinterest (, and even YouTube (

do you guys have any big plans for the holiday weekend? Mr. Pawlish has a four day weekend, but i think we're just mostly going to hang around the house... boring, i know! Ria :)

:: these polishes are press samples that were provided to me for review. these are my honest opinions. ::

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